HPL boards are used for exterior cladding, decorative facades, and interior and brick surfaces. The material consists of woodbased fibers or kraft paper with phenol resin applied.

HPL boards are manufactured by compressing spongy paper or epoxy wood fiber, phenol or polypropylene resin at high pressure and high temperature.

The HPL surface is produced by a coating technique developed in the past, with an electronic laser beam, which ensures high durability.

Due to the ability to add colored pigments to the surface, there is a wide variety of possible colors. The production technique of the boards, which are made of wood, the technology is also called “dry casting”.

Because the surface of the HPL plates have a dense molecular coating, it is virtually opaque to all weather (temperature, UV radiation and humidity). Also, any infection, such as graffiti, can be removed quite easily. Because of these advantages, the material has been popular since the 1980s for its greatest use because of its resistance to vulnerability and is expressed in part in the production and cladding of interior and exterior structures.

In addition to shower rooms and toilets in educational institutions, hospital, camping labs and more …

All products meet international standards and standards

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