Isratimber - talking about cladding is us

Isratimber – brand of Israel Kopnitzky Ltd.

Israel Kolpanitzky 3rd generation industrial and wood importers to Israel. For decades, he managed the family business in the wood industry and together with his brothers founded one of the leading companies in Israel for importing wood.

  In 2011, Mr. Israel Kolpanitzky chose to focus on imports of wood to Israel, and in 2018 Mr. Kolpanitzky received the right to be an exclusive importer of Weideda from China, the world’s largest manufacturer of Hpl panels and tiles.

With decades of experience in the wood industry, Mr. Kolpanitzky brings innovation to the industry. A product that keeps fire on water for a long time, and is suitable for both interior and exterior cladding, with an endless variety of options.

Moreover – there is a statement here! Order the cover you want, and you will get it ready for assembly including all the elements needed to assemble the cover.

The uniqueness and size of the factory in China allow us to supply you with any color and design you want.

isratimber HPL
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