The most common questions and answers

The product is water resistant, and the water does not penetrate the coating layer.

Probably. The product has passed the most stringent tests in the world and is completely fireproof.

We have a huge range of outdoor cladding, weather resistant, and can be designed and chosen by the customer.

The product is customized to the customer according to his demand, and comes directly from the factory in China for assembly.

Yes, we also have cladding solutions.

Of course, our product range makes it possible to match any panel you choose.

The panels come according to your order and demand.

Yes IsraMember is the exclusive importer of weideda products from China. And will be happy to provide you with any material in our catalog.

Of course, our interior designers and architects will be happy to advise and help you shape your structure.

Of course, every product imported by IsraMet Ltd. has a 10-year warranty on the quality and quality of the product.

Of course, the product complies with international standards, and we have all the necessary approvals and documents.

How to create HPL boards
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